Code Geass One of the Best Anime of All Time


Code Geass is one amazing anime.

That is one hard statement for me to make on animes, since there are very few animes that don’t make me feel like i just wasted away my life after watching them.

Code Geass is a collection of a ton of the factors that make animes awesome.

1. Extremely Intelligent, unpredictable, and deep storytelling: you will never expect what will happen next. The story takes turns that will break your mind. And afterwards you are like touche story writer.

2. Amazing Art Style & Fan service – who doesn’t love beautifully drawn anime/hot anime chics and sexual tension/innuendo lol


3. Really cool Giant robot fighting action

4. Mind Control

5. Characters Die

6. Basically Code Geass = Death Note + Gundam SEED. Which are two awesome animes.

7. No dragging, pointless episodes. No fillers that waste your time.


Watch both seasons. 25 episodes each. Like eating a most satisfying and delicious piece of pizza, you will not regret it!


Code Geass is a true masterpiece in every sense.

S4E – Alexander


Workout Tips: Being accountable, getting ready for your work out, and having the right mentality — all with the help of pre-workout

This is the ultimate AMP UP VIDEO.



There’s a lot to be said about the mind-body connection when you work out to make your workouts more effective (such as visualizing certain muscles when you work them, making sure you get the correct pump while breathing, etc) and a whole other post about your priorities for working out as well.

But with this post I believe they’re all interconnected and when combined can really add to a healthy mental and physical lifestyle. That’s obvious. 

But how do we go about doing it?

I’m going to assume you’ve already been working out and maybe you’ve gotten your own routine and everything going. If you’re seeing the results you want, that’s awesome and you probably don’t need to read this post. But this is for those that sometimes stray off the beaten path and are flimsy on their workout regimen or don’t see the results they want, whether mentally (I don’t have time for this workout, I’ll do it next week, etc etc) or physically (not going all out when you work out, or feeling that deep pump of exhaustion).  I’m going to outline 3 problems and how I solve them all with one solution.

First, let’s talk about your work out goals and what working out means to you

Yeah, you might’ve gotten into the game through the obvious reasons: getting fit, looking great, boosting your confidence, etc, but before you work out what do you think about? Or even better what do you think about to dissuade yourself from working out? If you have legitimate time concerns for other projects, then that’s fine. But this is about prioritizing your time and mental efforts for the most effective workout.  For me, working out is almost meditative. Once you get into a set routine, you start to work out because of the great dopamine release you get from it, helping you de-stress from things that might be on your mind. Which leads me to my next point–

Second, let’s talk about being accountable

How do we continually push ourselves to make it to the gym, when we don’t have time or the motivation? Worse still, if we do go to the gym but don’t feel motivated, how do we get the best workout without having felt we didn’t make the best use of our time? If you’ve already gotten yourself to the gym, you’re already doing a good job pushing yourself. But we can always do better—

Lastly, let’s talk about getting ready for our workout

What gets you motivated to hit the weights HARD? Do you listen to music? Meditate a bit? Or is it kind of just clockwork now? If you got other stuff on your mind, that’s fine. If it’s too important to put off, that’s fine too. But, finally, here’s what I’m going to recommend to solve all your problems, and it may seem like a huge cop-out.




So you’ve made it this far from my lame words on philosophy, great.

Do you use pre-work out? No? Get it. I’ll explain why.

Now you might say this is a crutch, but that’s only if you can’t get motivated without it. However, If you’re looking for that extra boost on a rainy day, pre-work out is the ultimate solution to accountability, mentality, and getting AMPED.

Pre-workout costs money. Each scoop you take costs you a chunk of change and takes 30 minutes to kick-in. This is your time to get AMPED MENTALLY before it kicks in physically.

– Accountability: Once you’ve consumed the actual pre-work out, you’ve just PAID to go work out. They make actual apps on phones based on this concept! Fitsby, stickK, and Gympact have you put down money as collateral if you don’t make your work out. If you flake out now, that burden of “I’ve just spent money on nothing” will help motivate you (at least it’s always motivated me). Almost always after I’ve consumed pre-work out, I at least force myself to show up to the gym.

– Getting ready for the work-out and having the right mentality: Since you have 30 minutes, there are a number of ways I get into the mentality of working out, but it’s mostly music. This is going to get a bit meditative but HONESTLY, it really does help when you really get into your work out and get the best possible pump and hit the weights till your muscles are torn to pieces. Depending on my mood I’ll listen to a song and close my eyes to really focus on getting my positive energy up and getting amped. I block out all other things that are on my mind to make sure I set apart this time exclusively for working out and getting the most endorphins out during the exercise.


– If you’re feeling introspective and want a chill-out song to push away your worries and have an out-of-body experience, this is the way to go. I relax, close my eyes and focus on the words and ghostly music, bringing myself to an out-of-body experience.

– If you’re in need of a more conventional work-out song and you need that EDM fix with fast and bumping music to get your blood flowing, I definitely recommend this song. I use this song for slow days when I need more energy.

– Looking for some positive rap and a bit of electronica to get yourself ON POINT? Give this a shot

Those are just a few songs, but here’s the holy grail of all things that always gets me motivated no matter what and’ is the main photo of this post.


That’s all I got.

Ken – S4E



So you are in class, and everyone is asking each other whether or not they started their assignment due tomorrow.


Guess it’s an all nighter that comes to the rescue!

However, the reality of the situation is that you hate pulling all nighters and you know that you are going to feel awful in the morning, and the quality of the assignment may also be jeopardized.
As an expert that pulled all nighters pretty much on a weekly basis during my undergraduate years, I give you my ULTIMATE ALL NIGHTER GUIDELINE!index

The first rule of pulling an all nighter is to not pull an all nighter. Ya, I know that sounds kinda weird. You always hear people around you saying Nothing good happens after 12:00 am legally on the weekdays, and it is quite true. Therefore, if you can avoid them, by all means, please do!

Also, it is very important to self-review one’s own action. If you need to stay up because of school work then you probably have bad time management. Everyone has 24 hours in a day, the difference between people who pull all nighters and the ones who don’t is the ones who don’t are more productive with their time.

Pulling an all nighter is preventable and should be avoided. If it can’t here are some ways that you should prepare…

TAKE A NAP DURING THE DAY If you know that you are going to be pulling an all nighter during the day then it would be wise for you to take a quick nap. This could give you an extra 1-2 hours of wake time without the aid of stimulants.

PLAN FOR THE NEXT DAY If you have ever stayed up before you know that you will feel like crap in the morning. You will not be in the right state of mind to perform any activity that requires mental processing. So it is best to prepare before hand what you will need in the morning so you do not leave the house looking like a maniac. Here are some things that  you should prepare ahead of time:

  • Backpack
  • Lunch
  • Coffee
  • Outfit
  • Transportation
  • Any event for tomorrow (test, celebration, presentation, and so on)

GATHER MATERIALS It is best if you make sure that you have all the materials you need ready so you don’t waste time looking for them.

Here is a checklist of things that you should have:

  • Timer
  • Writing utensils
  • Alarm
  • Headphones
  • Paper
  • Textbooks
  • Flash Drive
  • Laptop/Desktop Computer
  • Notebooks
  • Music
  • Index Cards
  • Calculator

NUTRITION This is one of the most important sections that must be done right. If you have stayed up before, then you will understand how hungry one can get. The go-to food is usually cereal, bread, or chips. It just so happens that opening up a cereal box and pouring it into the bowl at 2:00 am is equivalent to pouring a bag of nails into a bowl. It’s as if the sound of everything gets amplified x10 once the clock hits 12. Don’t even talk to me about opening a bag of chips. It’s like a bomb in a bag, ready to detonate. You can save yourself the mission by preparing food before hand. Here is a nutrition checklist of food that you should have ready and prepared:

Main Meals

  • Pizza
  • Lunchables
  • Bread + Peanut Butter, Jelly, Nutella
  • Cereal
  • Ramen Noodles


  • Water (Carry a water bottle and you will unconsciously drink it even when you aren’t thirsty. It will also help keep you awake by making you urinate every 30 minutes)
  • Caffeine (Caffeine pills would be more efficient but people tend to take more then they should so know your dosage)
  • Tea (I wouldn’t recommend to much of tea because tea has a calming effect which for some could result in sleeping)
  • Diluted Juice (Pour half a cup of juice and then add water to the rest. This will reduce the amount of sugar while still giving you some taste to your drink)


  • Apples
  • Cheese and Crackers
  • Gum
  • Ice
  • 1 or 2 candy or chocolate bars (limit the amount of sugar so you don’t crash)

Now that you are prepared the useful nutrition, it’s time for the real deal! As time drags on, you will find yourself in a losing battle against the desire to sleep. Here are a list of techniques that I found to help keep you focused and awake:

Frame of Mind If you think you’re going to fall asleep you will. You need to believe you can stay up and get things done. Watch some motivational videos or read some motivational quotes. Do whatever you need to do to get pumped for that night.

Always Have Light Our bodies have rhythms and cues that tell us when to sleep and when to wake up. We have been cued to sleep when the lights are off and to wake up when the light is out. So to help you stay awake you need to keep your room well lit. Avoid dark and dim lighting. Bright light is good for fighting sleepiness and drowsiness because our bodies response to bright light is wakefulness.

Don’t Lie Down Lying down is a cue for our body to relax and sleep. Don’t trust yourself. DO NOT LIE DOWN ON YOUR BED OR THE FLOOR.

Don’t Take Naps This applies for any time after 10:00 pm. This is risky which is why I recommend it during the day when you aren’t tired. If you have done this before and you are absolutely one hundred percent sure that you can than you should. However, most people can’t. We’ve all had those “just 5 more minutes” moments and it never is just 5 more minutes. Look at yourself in the morning trying to get more sleep. Now imagine when you are absolutely dead tired. It’s best to stay away from naps at night. You won’t get up. Trust me. Don’t trust yourself.

Set Alarms This is more of a precautionary measure. Set up multiple alarms to go off every 2 hours just in case you fall asleep.

Change Environments If possible change environments, either go the basement or an area of your house where you can’t be disturbed. If you are staying up for studying then go somewhere whereman-sleep-good-how-much-300x200 they are open 24 hours. Most schools have a 24 hour study room.

Take a Shower Showers wake you up. While you are in the washroom, you might as well brush your teeth. You will feel refreshed and awake.

Take Pets for a Walk If you have a pet, then take it for a walk. You will get some physical activity, while taking a quick break from studying and walking your pet will exhaust them which will prevent them from bothering you when studying.

Work in Short Bursts You have all experienced this. You prepare everything. Everything is good and ready. However, by the end of the night you have a P.O.S. paper in front of you with a total of 2 hours spent studying from the 8 hour window that you had. What the heck? What you need to do is get started. Plain and simple. Once you get started it is much easier to keep going. Working in short bursts will help you get shit done.

Grab a timer. Set it for 50 minutes. Once it rings take a 10 minute break. You are to only work for 50 minutes straight with no interruptions. Short bursts of work followed by breaks will increase your productivity significantly.

Listen to Music Create a study playlist of songs  that you can study to without getting distracted and doesn’t put you to sleep. When it’s late and you’re tired you need to keep your mind stimulated and having music playing in the background will help. You don’t want to be tripping out over creepy noises at night. That could inhibit your ability to work.

Checklist/To-Do List You need to understand what needs to be done during this all nighter. Writing it down will give you a visual of all the things that you need to do.

Breakdown Assignments If you have an assignment make sure that you break it down into small pieces. This will make it easier for you to get things done. Why? Because an assignment or project as a whole may seem intimidating to some and that could paralyze people from starting. Breaking down tasks into pieces makes it easier for you to start. For instance, if you are writing an essay you could breakdown the assignment like this:

  1. Gather and compile research into a word document
  2. Write down the headings. introduction, body, conclusion.
  3. Write one paragraph for the introduction. (What you want to do is start. Save the editing for the second draft)
  4. Write the thesis.
  5. Write down the main arguments for the body.
  6. Write down first paragraph for the first main point.
  7. Provide research to support for first point.
  8. Summarize all main points for the conclusion.
  9. Write down one paragraph for the conclusion.

The point of breaking everything down is to make it easier on how you perceive the difficulty of the task. If it seems like too much work you will procrastinate. But if the task was to write down one paragraph you are more likely to start. And for anyone who has done any essay writing, the hardest part is starting.

If you follow this guide you should be good and prepared for every all nighter that you decide to pull. If you have any suggestions or advice please comment in the comment section below and I will update this guide with some of your ideas. Let us keep striving for excellence!

S4E- Joe

Diet Tip #3

Are you determined to shed some weight? But having a hard time to stick with a workout regime on a regular basis? NO PROBLEM! One of the fastest and most efficient way to is to CONTROL your diet. The concept is not rocket science: As long a you take in less than you spend, you will lose weight., I know it can be hard sometimes…living in the modern world of convenience, where fast food thrives, it can be difficult to invest time and effort into a healthy diet. Fear not, I am here to offer a quick and relatively painless solution. No, its not going to be completely painless, but hey, no pain no gain right?

Strictly speaking, the in order for a diet to work as intended, one must consistently stick with it for awhile in order to show result. But for those that are not used to this strict discipline, let us take it slow and work our way to the big league. Here’s my proposal: Do a diet for two days a week and eat NORMALLY.

Let’s look do a little math. On average, a normal person would need to consume 2000 calories to maintain his or her weight. If one consumes less than 2000 calories, one would lose weight. On the contrary, if one consumes more than that, you would gain weight.

With that said, our goal is to consume less than 2000 calories a for two days, then for the rest of the week you should aim to simply eat roughly 2000 calories, a tiny bit more if you exercise regularly.

But its the pain of suffering from hunger that destroys the participants’ will to keep going. So here I will give you the things I eat during my weekly two-days diet period that minimize the suffering. The idea is to eat something with high protein content, which will take longer to digest. In other words, small amount of high protein food that will makes you feel full for longer period of time. Below is my recommended routine:

Breakfast: Two boiled eggs and an apple

Lunch: Mix a cup of oatmeal, a cup of milk, and a spoonful of peanut butter. First, add milk and oatmeal, and microwave them for a minute or two. Then proceed to add a spoonful of peanut butter.

Dinner: Nothing. However, if you really can’t handle it, munch on carrots or spinach WITHOUT ANY FORM OF DRESSING. This is very important, because most of the calories from a salad comes from the dressing. In addition, you can consume up to roughly 20 carrot sticks and still consume about 40 – 50 calories at most. This is your best bet to combat hunger.

Follow the aforementioned regime for two days, and then proceed to consume meals AS IF THE PREVIOUS TWO DAYS OF DIET NEVER HAPPENED. I know it is tempting to immediately engulf yourself with a crap load of food afterward, but try to just consume the normal amount that you usually would.

By doing so, you are still deducting a considerable amount of calories per day, while putting the suffering from hunger to a minimal. Try it and be amazed at the result! However, I would still recommend doing some exercises to go along with this diet on a weekly basis. Best of luck if you decide to take on this journey~ Let us keep aiming for higher


S4E – Joe

Workouts: Short on time? Try some of these on for size (pun intended).

First things first: I’m no work-out expert and I get most of my advice and material from Men’s Fitness,, and my body-building friends. With that being said, I’m still considered a moderate beginner in the work out world and am not at all a bodybuilder. To give my post some credit though, I can still max around 210 on the bench (although I really should be benching more considering how long I’ve worked out…) So I went through the hard way to get even just mild gains.

So let’s get into SUPERSETS!

There’s a variety of reasons why you would want to implement any of the following exercises into your workout:

– Short on Time

– Jumpstart your metabolism and heartrate for fat-burning

– Work multiple parts of the body, sometimes the entire body.

I’ve pulled my info from a variety of sites: Supersets

Men’s Health Trisets

Men’s Health Circuit Sets

So how do you go about doing these exercises? If you didn’t read the articles, here’s the main gist:

– Chaining several (sometimes up to 6) exercises one set after the other for what is called a circuit, “Supersets”, or any variation. There’s no rest in between, so right after you finish 1 set of reps, you move on to the next one.

– Working out the same muscle group using isolated or compound sets for maximum muscle building, or working out opposite muscle groups to benefit both sets.


What’s a few examples?

– Doing some dumbell back rows, followed by chest press.  By doing these two particular lifts consecutively, you’re stretching out and warming up the muscles needed for the next exercise–resulting in more reps and easier execution.

– Doing a compound workout such as a bench press followed by an isolated workout like dumbbell flyes. Doing a tough workout on the chest followed by an exhausting isolated workout will maximize muscle fiber stimulation.

Sorry about the crazy bullet points but that’s all for the quick tip of the week!

Ken – S4E