Starcraft 2 – Just the Best Game of Known to Humanity


What is Starcraft 2? Did you seriously just ask that question. You should be ashamed of yourself.

It is the successor of Starcraft, the definitive game of real time strategy games that features three races: Protoss, Terran, and Zerg.  It has a an epic single player storyline stretching through sc1 and 2 and their expansions as well as, and most importantly, the unmatched competitive multiplayer.  It is because of the multiplayer, that it is the most respected of all pc games.  This multiple world record breaking game franchise is one of the most difficult games to play and the most fun game to play.  No other game has progamers that have won as much money as Starcraft progamers.


Protoss – Mothership

This is the only game that never gets boring no matter how much you have played. What other game series has still been popular since 1998?! It is because the game keeps changing and the strategies used in the games keep evolving as both progamers and normal players pioneer the countless different ways you can macro and micromanage your play.  Starcraft 2 continues Starcraft 1’s legacy into 2013 and beyond.  Also, the skill ceiling of the Starcraft is so steep and there is sooo much room for improvement.  Even at the highest level of players there are still vast differences in skill. These players are so good that you can’t comprehend how they are until you get better and better yourself.  You come to gradually realize the virtuosity of all the little things they do in their performances see how they are truly unparalleled masters.


Terran – Battlecruiser

There have been college courses made on Starcraft at University of Florida and UC Berkeley (  Furthermore, playing Starcraft increases your cognitive abilities (!

Starcraft is a military science fiction real time strategy game that far exceeds all other games.  But the awesomeness of Starcraft cannot be described by words alone.  So let’s go see some of the latest and most epic matches ever played in the history of sc2 at the WCS Season 2 Global Finals that’s going on this weekend! The WCS is the largest sc2 tournament in the world right now that has a $1.6 MILLION prize pool that features the best of the best players from all around the world.

Through their play you will see why Starcraft is an art.


Zerg – Queen of Blades

To catch the latest live streams, links to VODs, schedule, brackets and other information visit

At this season 2 tournament they have played some of the most epic and brilliant back and forth games I’ve ever seen that gave me nonstop chills and heart attacks.  And it’s only from the first day of the tournament!  Links to my favorite of these matches below!

Jaedong vs MC

Taeja vs Innovation

The matches will be livestreamed on the wcs site via and which have buggy vods. But if you wait some hours after the matches they will be uploaded in excellent quality to the esltv youtube channel (same channel of the vids I linked). I am currently waiting to watch the vods of day 2 of the tournament!

glhf! If ya wanna play some sc2 with me let me know! ^_^

S4E – Alexander


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